Friday, September 3, 2010

McCall 5327 - Child's Jumpsuit and Hat


Children's clothing is a little tricky to talk about because its purposes are different from clothing for adults.  Most important with regard to the time and effort involved in home sewing, children's clothes are more or less disposable because children grow out of them.  It's unlikely that a child will wear out an article of clothing before they outgrow it, so while a home-made garment may have been intended for one particular child, its lifespan will probably extend to that child's siblings, extended family, or even to the larger community as part of a clothing exchange.

How children's clothing is used is also a little different.  There is the clothing children are required to wear for what are essentially adult functions; little suits for boys and dresses for girls that are worn to church, to Christmas parties, and weddings and the like, and which almost always itch or pinch in one way or another.   Pajamas and bathrobes, sometimes sewn annually at Christmas time combine a labor of love with deep practicality, though the recipients may not appreciate this.  Clothing that is appropriate for school (at least during the elementary grades when parents still have some control!) is essentially occupational clothing that conforms to current styles.

And then there are play clothes.  Play, I think, is the truest occupation of children, particularly young children, so it makes sense to provide them with appropriate occupational clothing.

What makes this pattern so attractive is the matching hat - an occupational necessity for all railroaders, regardless of the size of their rail operations.

This pattern does not appear to have been used.

This one is for Jim and Olen.


Diane Shiffer said...

I have that exact pattern! I like how the legs have just the merest hint of a flare... a nod to the styles of the day, don't you think? said...

Yes, we all wore some flavor of bell bottoms back in those days.

Have you made up this pattern? Did you make the hat? said...

i like your blog.
very interesting.
ciao from Milan
Nicola freshONpr

Diane Shiffer said...

Andrea... no, I haven't made it up. I actually bought it at the thrift store a couple of years ago- long after my own little ones were way too big for this sort of thing. I'm thinking grandchildren maybe;-}

Unknown said...

Oh, how darling!! I love the matching hat. How sweet!

Jim Christensen said...

thanks andrea! this is a cute pattern indeed!

Anonymous said...

thank you.
I am making a jumpsuit for a baby out of my own pattern as I not very familiar with putting the bits and pieces alltogether but will certainly come back to this wonderful blog!