Friday, July 31, 2009

Ladies Home Journal 1719 - Ladies' and Misses' Smock

About 1918.

The envelope description states:
LADIES' AND MISSES' SMOCK, in Two Lengths; Back Shoulder Edges Extending Over Front; One-Piece Full Length Sleeves Perforated for Shorter Length.
This is a nice smock. The shawl collar and belt add a stylish touch, and you can stash your knitting in the big patch pocket.

The quality of the pattern envelopes for Ladies Home Journal patterns at this period is uniformly dreadful though the pattern tissue is fine.   This unprinted pattern appears to have been used.  No separate instruction sheet was included.

There was an extensive campaign to knit for the soldiers during World War I, so the illustration would have resonated with women.

March 2, 2013 - updated and added scans of pattern envelope.


Diane Shiffer said...

I love that smock! Wouldn't it be pretty and useful in a linen?

And all I can say about that knitting pattern illustration is they must have had to search far and wide to find a young man who still looked handsome in that get-up;) said...

And the color of the linen would have to be something like "eau de nil" or "ashes of roses" or perhaps even "london snuff."

Knitted garments of this era are remarkably primitive, even for civilians. I'm trying to figure out which of my nephews would be likely to wear a hand knitted balaclava if I gave him one for Christmas.

Canterfeet said...

I love that smock too!
...and I say it would be delightful in a handkerchief linen in the shade of 'london snuff'... said...

Yes! The smock in London Snuff and the collar in cream, with a little embroidery to match the smock.