Thursday, December 12, 2013

McCall's 689 - Choir Cottas or Surplices


I suspect that right about now there are many church choirs out there that are right up to their floppy bows in performances that involve extended lines of "Gloria" and "Halleluja," and "O Holy." In some cases their beautifully starched and pressed cottas represent the labor of the Ladies' Auxiliary.  With luck, the ladies would have been able to plan ahead and weren't slipping away from the Thanksgiving table to sew a just a few more hems to get the choir ready for the service for the first Sunday in Advent.

The boys in this choir from the 1930s look as though they're on the verge of making a run for the ice-cream truck (or just disintegrating into a scrum.)  Wouldn't you love to know what the photographer had just said?

This printed pattern has been used.

Note the little gussets under the arms - a relic of the ancestors of this garment.


lorrwill said...

Fascinating as usual. Where did you get that awesome photo of the choir? said...

Thanks for catching me on that! I've added a caption and link to this photo of the choir, which came from the Whittington Historical Society.

life2969 said...

Is this item available anywhere?? I have searched and searched cannot find it anywhere... Please someone help me.... said...

This pattern shows up periodically on eBay. The trick is to keep looking on a regular basis. You might also want to search Etsy on a regular basis.