Saturday, August 20, 2011

McCall 7963 - Ladies & Misses' Blouse

Copyright 1950

The selling point for this sporty, elegant shirt is the short sleeves, which can be unbuttoned for greater ease of arm and shoulder motion.

Even though this is a relatively informal shirt, the silhouette of the day still called for shoulder pads.

(I never look this nicely turned out when I'm gardening.)

This printed pattern appears to have been used.


What-I-Found said...

But of course you need it for bowling! I have seen other items designed for bowling, mostly skirts. It would be a fun collection.

Anna said...

I love this! Compare it with the complete bowling dress pattern:

which I have made up twice and adore. said...

The golf skirt I posted last year would work just fine for bowling, I think. Imagine the entire ladies' bowling league in matching shirts and skirts - say, mid blue for the blouses and navy for the skirts. Sharp!

Little Black Car said...

I love that blouse!

I'm totally bookmarking this post for future reference!