Friday, June 25, 2010

Vogue 8364 - Skirt


There isn't anything particularly unusual about this skirt pattern.  However, along with the released pleat at the center back to accommodate striding energetically across the greens, the designers have provided an attached "saddle" pocket for your tees, divot tool, and lipstick.

This is somewhat similar to the earlier Pictorial 7559, though in that case, the pocket is detachable.

This pattern doesn't appear to have been used.

Those of us who spent time in the Philadelphia area will probably feel a little nostalgia for the old John Wanamaker department store.  By the time I knew Wanamaker's in the 1970s, the sewing department was gone, though only 75 miles upstate, I patronized the yard goods department in little Hess's department store until the late 1980's.


Vande Historic Costuming said...

Those kind of pockets have been so prevalent with the cargo pants craze, but I have to admit that I so like the look of that pocket - with it's shaping that echo's the skirt. Now that is a nice detail!

Erin said...

I've been sort of intrigued lately with the idea that many things that women did in the recent past was done in skirts and dresses whereas now people would never think to wear anything but pants. I recently made a 1950s era dress that I think would be wonderful to clean, vacuum, etc. in. So strange that we now think we must do those things wearing jeans. Sports and leisure activities (like golfing in this case) might also be more comfortable (and more stylish) if we returned to wearing skirts and dresses rather than unflattering shorts! I'm enjoying your blog. :)