Friday, May 21, 2010

McCall's 2118 Men's Western Shirt


I'm beginning to detect a certain convention in the illustrations for patterns for western shirts.  There will be three views; a workaday view, a plaid or checked view, and a fancy view.

Piping the extravagantly shaped yoke on this one is may result in the use of strong language.  The fancy view includes some pretty complex applique as well as the deep shaped cuffs with all those little buttons.

The maker made plenty of notes to herself on the envelope, though I can't quite decipher them all.  The transfers are missing, which is quite common.

Western shirts are generally quite slim-fitting, but this pattern also offers you the option of not using the back darts, giving a little more ease for a true working garment.  (You get yourself dressed up in that fancy, darted, appliqued version, about the heaviest thing you're going to lift is your hat to a lady.)


vespabelle said...

I have this pattern but haven't gotten the chance to use it. (I should do so before the envelope turns to dust.) I was planning on making it out of a solid with a vintage Hawaiian print yoke for the Hawaiian Cowboy look. said...

And of course you'll blog about the shirt once you've finished it, right?

Linda said...

Is this pattern for sale?
please let me know and how much. my email is said...

None of the patterns on this site is for sale. Tracings are not available. This one shows up on eBay quite regularly.

Navigate to Collectibles-->Sewing-->Patterns-->Men

Shannie said...

I have this pattern with the transfers intact... It was printed before 1964, so the copyright is expired. I would be happy to share scans of the embroidery transfer. :)