Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Du Barry 2350B - Child's Two-Piece Snow Suit and Cap

Latter 1930s.

I remember my snow suits being blue quilted nylon and horribly ugly.

Du Barry patterns were sold exclusively at Woolworth's and were produced by Simplicity.

The description on the back of the envelope provides some cheerful, if somewhat ungrammatical advertising copy:

This is a nice, thoughtful design with the reinforced knees and two patch pockets (for two hankies for runny noses.)  As long as the new slide fasteners didn't jam (mine sometime did, thirty years later) they would have been an improvement over trying to cope with buttons with cold or mittened hands.

Making up a snow suit in a size two is a labor of love.  The center back length of the jacket is only fifteen inches.  The outer side length of the trousers will be 24 inches.


Diane Shiffer said...

My Nana made very similar snowsuits for my mother all through her childhood... out of wool. When I came along, she made woolen dress coats for me with matching "leggings".. they all had tiny zippers at the ankles and elastic straps that went under my shoes (which were encased in bright red rubbers!) Very nice for those frosty New England mornings at the bus stop, I can tell you. I never realized what quality they were until I had to go out and buy myself a winter coat... all the ones from the store seemed so cheap and flimsy compared to the ones dear old Nana made♥

I have fantasies of making up woolen snowsuits for my grandchildren someday, but in reality I don't imagine they'd get much use;)

Shay said...

I remember the "whoosh-whoosh" as the legs of those nylon snowsuits rubbed against each other when we walked...

Unknown said...

GORGEOUS blog you have here, THANK YOU so much for sharing these patterns with us!!!