Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vogue 5770 - Women's Smock


Vogue patterns from this era don't show up very often.  Vogue has always marketed itself as a fashion leader, yet the design of the envelope, while perfectly adequate and informative, doesn't have the lovely style that McCall had adopted a few years earlier with their smock.

It's also surprising to see Vogue producing a pattern for a utilitarian garment.   But what a wonderful design they've produced!  The bound edges provide a very neat finish, as do the bound button holes

The tone of the instructions is that of a careful teacher with very high standards.


Little Black Car said...

I have a 1940's princess-seamed housedress pattern that I've made too many times (stuck in a rut, much?), because it's so darned comfortable. No waist seam! Hooray!

This looks like an unbeatable around-the-house dress. Not hopelessly baggy, but not constricting. No awkward back zipper.

andrea.at.the.blue.door said...

It's a very tempting garment. I wonder, though, if once I put it on I'd be seized with an uncontrollable desire to marcel wave my hair.

Diane Shiffer said...

I think you'd look very smart with marcelled hair, dear Andrea;)