Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pictorial Review 1543 - Ladies' Athletic Combination Undergarment

Mid 1920's.

Here's what to wear in the event you were wondering about the correct underpinnings for a gymnasium suit. This combination garment is a close relative of men's union suits. No fabric recommendations are given, but the pattern does specifically call for some knitted fabric (like that for men's undershirts) for the back waistband. Otherwise, cotton broadcloth or lawn are likely choices.

When not participating in sports, women at this period had an almost bewildering variety of undergarments to choose from, including corset covers, (no longer necessarily worn over corsets) brassieres, which seem to be identical to close-fitting corset covers, camisoles, chemises, step-in or envelope chemises, drawers, bloomers, and petticoats.


Canterfeet said...
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Canterfeet said...

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Diane Shiffer said...

quite snazzy, i must say;)

panavia999 said...

With this cute under garment and the gymnasium suit, what would a person wear to keep the bosom under control? Did modesty forbid the publisher showing that the properly kitted athletic woman also wore a brassiere?