Friday, February 6, 2009

McCall 2075 - Men's Night-Shirt


Night shirt patterns are still represented in the pattern books, though generally now as a unisex pattern. They are pretty darned straightforward.  Note that yardage is given for 32", 36" and 42" wide fabric; even 36" wide fabric is hard to come by today.  That's why it's important to show the layout, which helpfully makes provision for piecing the sleeve when working with 36" wide fabric:

No sewing instructions were printed on the pattern pieces as was generally done with McCall women's patterns of this period.  The pattern has been cut out in View B.  I rather like the look of Mr. B.  I think Mr. A is rehearsing his campaign speech.


Cloth Surgeon said...


Is it possible to get the details of this patter to make from.....

Cloth Surgeon said...

Pretty much everything you see is all the information available for this pattern. There was no separate instruction sheet.

Men's night shirt patterns show up on ebay quite regularly. You want to navigate to Collectibles -->Sewing(1930 now) -->Patterns -->Men. One that seems to show up pretty often is Simplicity 1886. There is also a McCall pattern from the 1950's that shows up regularly, but I don't have the number.

Failing finding a vintage pattern, you could experiment with taking a men's loose-fitting shirt pattern and simply lengthening it.