Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Idea 3539 - Ladies' Apron

About 1905

This apron pattern has led a long and useful life. The pattern is not complete. At some point the front yoke and straps were cut in one piece from a page of newspaper dating to WWI, though I believe the pattern to be earlier than that. The original front yoke, shoulder strap, and pocket are missing. (In my experience pocket pieces frequently go missing.)


Shay said...

One of my Woman's Institute of Domestic Science has a pattern that is identical except that the yoke is straight.

It's demonstrated in one of the teens booklets and again in one from 1925.

woolydaisy said...

i want one of these!!!! said...

I should probably make this up some time soon because I'm curious to see how the prior owner's refinements worked out for them.